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Christina Stewart

Waulking video - as you've not seen it before!

Added on 14 February 2018

When I was invited to London to share some waulking songs, I knew the occasion would be an unusual one, but I had no idea quite how unusual it would be.

It was a production for the world of high fashion and it would result in a photoshoot and video later to appear in British Vogue online.

"DEEP in the bowels of a dilapidated building in London’s East End, a secret ceremony has just begun. Drenched in a sanguine, almost hallucinogenic light, six figures are seated around a wooden table. They begin to sway and moan in almost religious ecstasy as they pound and rotate an amorphous coil of damp cloth. The air in the confined space is heavy with the dank odour of sweat and smoke, and the members of this strange order rise and fall with a growing intensity. Their collective voice reaches an exhausted, giddy climax." Jerry Stafford,

Gaelic waulking tradition revisited in London, to promote the work of Scottish-born designer, Charles Jeffrey, in a remarkable video. 

Do watch - it's quite a reinterpretation.