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Christina Stewart



To download a copy of Haunting, just click on the link above which takes you to Bandcamp.

To buy a CD copy of Haunting, please click on the SHOP tab.

You can hear sample tracks from the album on my Facebook page.  Click on the image above to go to "My Band" select the track you'd like to hear. 

"Tam Glen" (from CD1, track 3) is mirrored by "Divining for Love" (from CD2, track 3) and "Thig am Bàta" (from CD1, track 13) is mirrored by "The Boat Will Come" (CD2, track 13), and there's an excerpt from the epic "Annie of Lochroyan" to listen to there, too.

Pulling together the threads of Haunting, I was struggling with the problem of how to present a meaningful idea of how the songs are one element of the oral tradition which is deeply embedded with other aspects - stories, beliefs, superstitions, anecdotes and experience.

Finally, I came to the conclusion that there was a need to record voices speaking alongside the songs, but not interpersed between them and the simplest way to do this is a double CD.

The result is one CD with the songs performed vocally by me with Alpin Stewart, and instrumentally by Martin MacDonald, Jo Baird, and Graeme Walker; and a second CD of spoken word from me, Iain M Campbell and Andrew Mackintosh in  parallel with the songs and their themes.  In it, I give stories behind or related to the songs, Iain gives his own personal responses to the songs fuelled by his breadth of cultural knowledge and Andrew performs traditional folktales tied in to the themes of the corresponding songs.

In contrast to many recordings, the songs on Haunting were recorded first and all the arrangements made to fit with them - not an easy task for Jo and Martin!  When we came to mix the tracks, Terry's inspired skill and deft workmanship creatively crafted the instrumental tracks recorded for the songs in such a way as to support and enhance the spoken tracks.

Customer review of "Haunting" from

"On a recent trip in my car, I played the spoken word for my son. He was very interested in sharing this with his young daughters. I love all things Celtic, and hope our grand children will too. Christina Stewart's album is very beautiful, and truly haunting!"