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Christina Stewart

Bairns Kist

To download a copy of Bairn's Kist from Bandcamp, click on the image of the album above. 

CD copies of Bairn's Kist are currently sold out.  Email copies of the leaflet are available on request.​​​​​​​

Customer review from iTunes:

Beautiful album - by Randi&Fi

5 out of 5 stars

By far the best child's album we have purchased. Our eldest gets one song from the album every night before bed & we play it in the car (as unlike most kids albums it is easy to listen too). Friends have commented that its rare to have such beautiful sounding Celtic music as most marketed are cringe worthy. A real find.

Customer review from Amazon:

Beautiful Scottish Songs to sing to your child  - by Tricia

5 out of 5 stars

This is a beautiful mix of traditional Scottish songs that I remember from childhood. My little girl has been listening to this cd since she was born and loves it especially when I sing along too. It's a mixture of music but very relaxing to listen to at bedtime. The fairy lullaby is enchanting. Words for all the songs are supplied on the insert along with instructions of how to incorporate different actions to the songs. Definitely recommend this CD.

Bairn's Kist is a collection of songs from Scottish tradition for pre-school and younger school children.

The sleeve notes for this CD reflect the fact that the initial 'target audience' for it was parent and toddler groups, pre-school groups and primary school infant departments.  Alongside the full words, there are suggestions for ways to use the songs - such as, different ways to bounce a child on your knee for different part of a song, or actions for singing games, some based on Makaton signs.

The idea is to make it as easy as possible for parents and group leaders to include Scottish songs among their repertoire and point out the areas of child development touched on by these songs.

Instrumental accompaniements are provided on harp by Bill Taylor, on fiddle and viola by Olivia Ross and all the other instruments by Bob Pegg.

Tracks included are:

1 The Hullo Song (based on Alpha Munro's version of Bonnie Tammie Scholar)

2 Ali Bally Bee (also known as Coultar's Candy)

3 Wee Chookie Birdie

4 Hey Jock ma Cuddy

5 Bodachan a Gharaidh

6 Aiken Drum

7  I Had a Wee Hen

8 Brochan Lom

9 Chuir iad mise Eilean leam fhin

10  The Big Ship Sails

11 The Herrins' Heids

12 Tha mi dol a'Dheanamh Banais

13 The Fairy Lullaby (Mo Chrubhrachan)

14 'S ann an Ile

15 Three Craws

16 Wee Willie Winkie

17 A Sailor Went to Sea

18 Underneath the Arches

19 Minnie o Shirva's Cradle Sang

20 Kittie Berdo (elsewhere known as Katie Bairdie)

21 Pop in Jinny Linn

22 Nam bu lean fhin thu, Thaladhainn thu

23 Nead na Lach' as a Luachair

24 The World must be Coming to an End

25 Gille Beag o