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Christina Stewart

Gifting Every Child

Added on 27 August 2015

Gifting Every Child is an ambitious and inspirational project initiated by the Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh originating in the question: "Is there a core of songs, stories and customs to which every child in Scotland should be introduced?"

The 5th of September provides the vital starting points in the traditional arts of storytelling, music and dance, while introducing some hands-on skills.

10:30am - 4:30pm at The Scottish Styorytelling Centre, Royal Mile, Edinburgh.

Full price £28, network members £24

Book your place now by calling Box Office 0131 556 9579  or clicking on the link below.

Bea Ferguson, Christina Stewart and Mats Melin show you how to grow your core repertoire from local sources and imagination in a fantastic day not to be missed by teachers, community education workers and artists in education of all kinds.

Reflections on teaching methods of Traditional Scottish Dance in schools and community groups:
Mats Melin shares over 20 years’ development and experience of how to effectively and enjoyably teach traditional Scottish dancing to children, teenagers, and adults in many varied contexts and communities.

Making dance fun allows participants to relax and reduces anxiety by enabling anyone to move and enjoy dancing! The session will include ideas of what type of movements and dances are good to begin with when introducing a group to Scottish dance.

Sharing Scotland's Stories and the power of storytelling for children:
Scotland has a rich heritage of traditional tales and the session will explore the suitability of stories for different ages and stages of development.

Bea Ferguson has been sharing stories with folk of all ages for over 20 years and she will give you tips, techniques and inspiration to tell the stories yourself. All fun and completely non-threatening. 

Exploring children's songs from the Scottish tradition
Singing to children, particularly from an early age benefits them in ways which may surprise you. Christina Stewart shares her findings from her extremely popular Kist O Dreams project, incorporating lively children's play songs through to traditional lullabies.

This session will investigate the valuable developmental and social benefits which can come from singing with children, as well as provide inspiration on how to use the songs, whether in classroom or community settings.