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Christina Stewart

Sponsored Run - Saturday, 23 March

On 23rd March, Marsaili will be taking part in a national World Challenge Sponsored Run. 

Last year she ran 5k, this year she will be running 10k... and if she is promised a total of £800 or more, she will be running with her full backpack!

Marsaili is one of a group of 9 youngsters from Dingwall Academy who are undertaking a World Challenge expedition to  Malaysia and Borneo.

They are travelling in June 2013, by which time some of them will actually have left school.  The expedition takes place over four weeks; they roughly half their time trekking and half carrying out voluntary work.  They also have time for acclimatisation and preparation at either end of the trip.

In the last year, the group members have been hard at work fundraising through baking sales, car washing, a ceilidh dance, disco, bagpacking in Asda, car boot sales and other events for the £4,000 they need each to fund their expedition. 

Marsaili has raised over £3,000 so far, with a couple of months to go. 

If you would like to sponsor Marsaili, there are 3 ways you can do this:

  1. get hold of her (or me!) in person

  2. phone, write or email to say you would like to sponsor her and then post a cheque once she has completed the run

  3. send your sponsorship as a donation via paypal using this button :

Using the Paypal button is quick and easy if you have a Paypal account, but Paypal may take a small commission.  Donations made this way will be entered in a seperate bank account specifically for Marsaili's fundraising for this expedition.

Whichever way you choose, you can be sure your contribution will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much for considering it!