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Christina Stewart

Stewart Clan Gathering - Ford Castle

Added on 31 August 2013

I am the guest singer for the Stewart Clan Gathering which this year commemorates the Battle of Flodden in 1513, when a Scottish army led by James IV invaded England. 

Henry VIII was fighting in France at the time and the English troops were led by the Earl of Surrey.  The Scottish invasion was timed to aid the French as part of the Auld Alliance and force the English to fight on two fronts.  In terms of the sheer size of the armies which met at Flodden, it is said to be the largest battle which ever took place between the two nations.  Thousands died on both sides, with the Scottish army bearing the brunt of the casualties.

The Scots were defeated and James himself was killed, the last British monarch to die in battle at the head of his army. 

Accordingly, this year's Gathering takes place at Ford Castle, one of the castles James' army took during the invasion, prior to the two armies meeting on Flodden Field.