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Christina Stewart

Ongoing classes

Added on 14 March 2011

Up to the Easter break, I am teaching a couple of regular classes.

Cromarty Primary School

encouraging the Primary 6 and 7 classes to pick up Gaelic as they go while we play games - most of which are pretty physically active. 

By the time the series comes to an end in April, they will have learned to

  • introduce themselves and ask who you are
  • say how old they are
  • ask or tell you what day of the week it is
  • tell you if they own an instrument, and if so, which
  • express whether they like, dislike or have no preference for things

Invergarry Parent and Toddler Group

encouraging parents to sing with their children and helping the group use traditional dangling songs, action songs and lullabies as part of group time

Most of the songs I am using are included in Bairn's Kist and we are including some basic principles

  • establishing a link between heard and felt rhythm
  • reflecting high and low notes through actions
  • identifying a difference between verse and refrain
  • identifying a difference between loud and soft, and fast and slow
  • using Makaton signs where appropriate
  • warming up before singing and cooling down at the end
  • increasing confidence
  • using plenty of eye contact as a first step in social bonding
  • having lots of fun

My final visit to Invergarry takes place on 16 June and will be open to the nursery pupils as well as the Parent and Toddler group.