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Christina Stewart


Added on 03 November 2009

Tarradale Primary is putting together a performance to celebrate Highland Homecoming and I've been helping out with a waulking song.

The basic idea is that the pupils have scripted a play involving a series of 'spots', by using the device of a ceilidh.

An American family tracing its roots arrives in the middle of a Highland ceilidh.  Different children contribute dances, demos and music strung together with conversations between the American family and the locals.

One element has 10 of the girls waulking tweed and singing.

The number of girls doing this had to be limited because so many volunteered and they are very keen.  We had our first session this week and their grasp of Gaelic pronounciation is very good indeed!

When I looked at the proposals for Homecoming events when they first came out, I didn't expect to be involved in any, but this is the second project (after Come Listen to the Crofters) which has been part of Homecoming I've done!