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Christina Stewart

Gaelic song for Ross tots

Added on 05 February 2010

I am just now working with Dingwall Ceuman Beaga (the local Gaelic toddler group) on a project to encourage other similar groups in the area to use more Gaelic songs.

We are putting together a schedule of visits to groups, which will give each group one visit which is essentially a song session for the children and the adults with them and a chance to get to know the songs and ideas for how they can include them in their group time.  There will also be a follow-up session for each group.

The idea is that the group members will be in charge of how they want to use Gaelic song in the group, but they will be given some ideas about how they might go about it, and support if they want to give it a go.

Co-incidentally, I have another community toddler group workshop coming up, too, so the programme to the end of March is:

24 February - Culbokie

2 March - Evanton

3 March - Conon Bridge

5 March - Strathpeffer

9 March - Dingwall (Free Church)

10 March - Culbokie

16 March - Evanton (am) - Gairloch (pm)

17 March - Conon Bridge

19 March - Strathpeffer

23 March - Dingwall (Free Church)

24 March - Dingwall (Comm Centre)

Photo: Ian Rhind Photography