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Christina Stewart

Cromarty teen dance song collaboration

Added on 14 June 2010

Throughout April, May and June, I was working with contemporary dance tutor Nicky in Cromarty.  Nicky teaches an enthusiastic group of teenage dancers who will be using a Gaelic song as inspiration for a new piece.

After spending a couple of weeks introducing the group members to the Oran Leannain Sidhe track from the forthcoming 'Haunting' album, Nicky was a little unsure of their ability to work with a piece so very different from the ones they have been using.  The dance group has only been together for a matter of months and the dancers' repertoire of moves is still being built up.

Producer Terry Small has taken the track back to the studio for a total remix, specially for this project, tailoring it to the specifics most useful to the group.

Sadly, personal circumstances have forced Nicky to have an hiaitus in the class programme.  When regular rehearsals start again, the dancers will be introduced to the new mix.

The idea came through Cromarty Arts Trust who have secured funding for it and to have the resulting performance piece filmed.